9/9/09 at 9am …

tony-smThis has been a very special morning for The Denver Warbler. Today is the day that we cast our old lackadaisical ways into the gutter (ooooh, is that a big fat nightcrawler wriggling in the rain water? mmmmmm) and get our mallards in a row.

The Warbler will no longer lope about in the fringes, crafting posts and releasing issues only after our chores are done. No, we’re on it like titties on a kosher dill. Why? How?


Three tips for not procrastinating:

1) Stop Thinking, Start Doing

This was the easiest one for us. Thinking is such a waste of time.

2) Use More Abbreviations

D. Warbler, MGMT, W4MW, ect. … It gives you more time for working on things.

3) Come

Stop thinking about baseball and get on with it, guy! This article really helped (lots of good info on stroking fantasy transitions).